Sunday, March 2, 2014

What REALLY matters?
Being Here. Feeling the warm hum of my body, the peace in my Heart,
my light of consciousness gazing out at the world through these eyes.

A mind-pausing sunset pouring liquid fire on the water and clouds.
The taste of Spring in the air, buoying my spirit after a long winter.
Canyon waterfall swimming with a friend.
Waking briefly on a summer night, hearing the crickets and the breeze in the trees, and drifting peacefully back to sleep.
Jogging on a brilliant summer morning and enjoying this magical physical body.
An summer-warm Autumn morning than sent chills through me it was so sublime.
Stories around a campfire, feet warm back cold entranced in the flames.
A quiet-minded walk in the woods with snow falling and four deer crossing my path.
Double rainbow over a misty Lake Superior after a storm.
A golden slice of October grass-lying by the lake near dusk.
The sound of rain on the roof of my tent.
Snorkeling with Manta rays in the Carribbean.
A squirt gun fight with my family.
Biking home like a laughing madman as a huge storm rolled in.
Road trip to my friend's home on the rez in South Dakota.
More stars than sky one night in Costa Rica.

Remembering to do things every day that my Heart will remember.
Don't wake for the wake-up call.
Wake up Now.