Friday, February 18, 2011

A Sonnet for Spring

Tepid green

Ripe watermelons gush in summer bloom,
we are alive with juicy glow, and find
each bite oozing divine, a tender chime.
Sunlight's been cast, we walk the sky as moons.
Its nectar swallows us in sweet cocoons.
Winter - wistful, always wanting, our minds confined,
deceitful waves disband, unfurl like like time
abandoned, chill winds drain us to pale mushrooms.

Asleep in shadows, stretch your leaves, go fallow,
the rhythms flow, to listen! - from our roots.
To shrink, to die, to blossom once again
frosted, let dew fill full our dry shallows.
We seep slowly, tepid light green extends:
Chrysalis - a song awaits in verdant shoots.

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